November 5, 2014

Wedding Wednesday - Engagement Photos

While we were dating and throughout our engagement, Chris and I would often go on drives and motorcycle rides out past the city. We are surrounded by some gorgeous scenery here in North Florida and we love to look at the mossy oaks and fields of wildflowers. On one such trip, Chris took me to what he called "his place". A place where he used to ride out alone and just sit. Think. Relax. On this occasion, we packed a picnic lunch and sat in the sunshine on the side of the road next to a gorgeous old tree. We talked about our future as a couple. We carved our initials into the trunk of that tree. We still visit that picnic spot on occasion, and it was the first place I thought of when brainstorming locations for our engagement photos. 

Chris and I considered hiring a different photographer to capture our engagement photos since we had such a specific location in mind. Our spot is about 45 minutes north of Tallahassee, while Josh and Sara are based in Pensacola (our hometown and where the wedding took place). We mentioned wanting to have our photos taken locally and Josh didn't hesitate to drive in and capture them for us. 

Josh captured some of my very favorite photos that day. I have a few framed around the house, and Chris even has one or two on his desk at work. We used one of these for our save the date postcards as well. 

From that first picnic...our tree carving!