September 22, 2014

May The Force Be With Me

I made Chris a very proud husband this weekend. I finally started watching the Star Wars movies. He has only been trying to convince me to watch them since we started dating, and his persistence finally paid off. Or I got tired of listening to him. Chris dictated that I would watch them in order 1-2-3-4-5-6 (why did they release them backwards again??) so we started with episode 1 on Saturday. 

I kinda liked it.

That being said, the entire Star Wars universe is very confusing to me. Being married to such a nerd, I know many of the characters names, the plot twists, who will die, who turns evil and which siblings accidentally kiss without knowing that they are related yadda yadda. This vast amount of knowledge makes watching the movies interesting. More than once, Chris told me to stop asking questions during the movie and to just pay attention. I didn't listen to him.

The following is a brief list of things I may or may not have said during our inaugural showing of Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace

  • Oh hey look it's the words.
  • Why did they write the words slanted, it's hard to read.
  • They don't look very happy.
  • Those are Jedi's right?
  • What's with the rat tail?
  • Why are they fighting?
  • He's a dumb hut.
  • What do you mean he's not a hut?
  • That's Jabba the hut right?
  • Oh, well fine he's a dumb Jar Jar Binks.
  • I love Jar Jar!
  • I bet she's really the queen.
  • Who's this kid?
  • I bet he's some important character.
  • HA! Told you.
  • Aw baby Darth Vadar.
  • I hate this guy.
  • Jar Jar is stupid.
  • Don't get lost Jar Jar.
  • Ugh I hate you Jar Jar.
  • He's a bad guy right?
  • Cheater.
  • Obviously Anakin is going to win.
  • I don't trust this guy. 
  • Spoiler alert, he wants to be the new chancellor.
  • This movie is so predictable. 
  • Oh hey Queen Padme.
  • This kid is a little shit.
  • Wait, where did Qui-Gon go?
  • HE DIED?!
  • Ugh I literally looked away for 5 seconds and Liam Neeson dies.
  • Liam Neeson NEVER dies!
  • Get it Obi-Won!
  • At least he dies too.
  • Surprise, he won the election.
  • Creeper.

RIP Qui-Gon. You were my favorite.

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